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Our product is available there now in local tackle shops.  If your store does not carry our products, have them call us for products.   So this season, make sure that you have at list couple of those luminous squid jigs ready.    

On Monday 03.07.03 I was very happy when I found Mr. Gary Tolman (on picture left) and his friend squid fishing on the pier 86. I gave one sample of a squid jig to Mr. Tolman type Luminous Prawn FL size 2.0 and asked him if he could do me a favor and try it right away. He was very exited to do so. Almost immediately he started pulling out his first squid. On the bottom of the rig he was using a small luminous heavy type of squid jig instead of the weight (the same way we recommend you to do) that also produced a number of squid. 

Having this type of squid jigs attached to your rig will definitely increase your catch by significant amount. It is very hard to predict which jig will be catching more. That is why you should always have 3 or 4 attached to the main line at the same time.   We generally recommend about 18" apart.


This photo was emailed to us from one of our European customers located in Montenegro. In fact he was only trying to test our product and look what he came up with!!!!! These giants are rarely caught in Adriatic sea but I guess you have to have a good jig. :). The photo was taken morning after 'cause he did not have camera with him in the boat. He was using model Boops FL 3.0 Blue but he lost it the same night and unfortunately he didn't have another one for the photo. The weight of this squid was 1kg and 150 g.


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