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Luminous Squid Jigs

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Martinetti squid jigs are made according to the highest standards in sport and commercial squid fishing industry. During production our jigs are randomly tested for their strength and balance to ensure the quality and performance.

When in use our leisure models remain in a horizontal position (aprox. 90°) just like real prawn or small fish. With this feature you can definitely expect to catch more squid. Be careful with spending money with some unknown brands. They might look the same but they are most likely out of balance and will not work as good or at all. If you like quality products such as Yo-Zuri Squid Jigs or Yamashita Squid Jigs, then you will definitely be impressed with our products.

Luminous squid jigs fishing tackle saltwater tackle
Every location can be unique in its own way when it comes to choosing sizes and/or colors. For example: in the state of Washington the squid is often very small and can only be caught using small size jigs. That is why we came up with a brand new line of small jigs size 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. Our squid jigs are shown to work very good on all the piers along downtown Seattle area such as  Pier 86, 69, west Seattle, Everett, Redondo Beach Pier and Tacoma. Using only big size jigs you are limiting your self to the bigger squid only. Every squid no matter how big or small will be tempted by a small squid jig. Smaller squid is better bait and tastier too.

Understanding different colors and sizes can play big roll in catching squid in big numbers.  You have to experiment with the colors to determine which one works the best. Some anglers like to try 3 or 4 different colors on the same line at the same time so they can determine which color works the best at that particular location or at that particular time. One day you might be using only pink but another day green and so on. So, next time you go fishing make sure you have plenty of different colors and sizes in your tackle box. The most popular colors are Pink, Blue, Green and Orange.

Squid likes to eat a lot. That is why you can expect to catch them almost any time of the day. However at night and early mornings with the help of strong light you can expect to catch a lot more. If you don't have a light, position your self right next to the strongest pier lighting.

Our squid jigs are available in many fishing supply stores through out the World. Please click here to find the store located near you. If you can’t find the store in your area please let us know.

Now good luck squid fishing!

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